Structural Placing & Finishing

Sabre Concrete Construction understands that mixing, transporting, and handling of concrete should be carefully coordinated with placing and finishing operations. We know that concrete should not be deposited more rapidly than it can be spread, struck off, consolidated, and it should be deposited continuously as near as possible to its final position. Our professionals know that structural placing is essential in finishing off a project and creating the original, lasting look.

Structural Placing FAQ

Is there more than one way to complete structural placing?

Concrete that will be visible, such as driveways, highways, or patios, often needs finishing. Slabs can be finished in many ways, depending on the intended service use. Options include various colours and textures, such as exposed aggregate or a patterned-stamped surface. Some surfaces may require only strike-off to proper contour and elevation, while for other surfaces a broomed, floated, or troweled finish may be specified.

Why is bull floating important?

Bull floating eliminates high and low spots and embeds large aggregate particles immediately after strike-off. This looks like a long-handled straight edge pulled across the concrete to ensure flatness and quality.

Is there a way to eliminate random cracks?

Jointing is required to eliminate unsightly random cracks. Contraction joints are made with a hand groover or by inserting strips of plastic, wood, metal, or preformed joint material into the unhardened concrete and saw-cut joints can be made after the concrete is sufficiently hard or strong enough to prevent unravelling.

What is the best way to get a quote for structural placing?

If you would like to receive a quote for structural placing services, contact us today either by phone, email, or on our website. We can assess the scope of your project and provide you with a quote on our services.

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