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When your new TV arrives, prepare for a stunning image that puts your old HDTV to shame. The Vizio P Series Quantum offers Ultra HD for exceptional detail. And it also leaves a lot of other 4K TVs in the dust with up to 115% more colors thanks to its Quantum Dot technology and four times the brightness.

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Smith's reputation for making smart decisions on the field is no doubt accurate. He makes smarter decisions than almost any other NFL quarterback. On a strictly rational, utilitarian rubric, Smith is Canton bound. As a city, maybe we be back to some kind of normal in time for Bluesfest, although right now that feels ridiculously hopeful. The annual event is hanging by a thread this year in hopes of proceeding with its usual line up of stars beginning July 9. But who are we kidding? Canada Day celebrations already are fizzling out and dozens of other major festivals and events that give life to the national capital in summer have or are likely to be cancelled..

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