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Sure, I'm a little annoyed at the things I can't get from the grocery store, but I have more clients now than before. I'm extroverted, but it's usually three to nine weeks before I spend time with people outside of my home. I'm not anybody's first choice [of someone] to hang out with.

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Think to turn around and launch a lawsuit is a slap in the face. Nobody meant for anybody to pass away. We were just one of the many homes that got (ravaged) by this virus. Mistake dropped the Colts out of first in the AFC South. Indianapolis (5 3) now trails Houston (6 3) by a half game and may have to go forward without quarterback Jacoby Brissett, who left in the second quarter with a left knee injury and did not return. Veteran Brian Hoyer came on and threw for 168 yards and three scores, but his pick six to Fitzpatrick helped the Steelers get off the mat as the Colts found themselves on the wrong side of the edge for the first time in a month..

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