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One beneficiary was the state's young online gambling business, with online casino revenue surging 73% last month to $43 million.Wind Creek Bethlehem, which closed to the public March 15, committed to paying its roughly 2,400 workers through the end of May.Jay Dorris, president and CEO of Alabama based parent Wind Creek Hospitality, on April 28 posted an update on the casino's website, informing patrons that the facility didn't yet have a reopening date but was in the midst of developing a plan to keep guests and employees safe.Wind Creek Bethlehem casino working on reopening plan. But don't expect a return to normal Whenever Wind Creek reopens, Dorris wrote, it will start with a soft reopening, where small groups of invited guests will test the site's new policies and procedures. Once Wind Creek believes it can accommodate more guests, it will open to the public through a new reservation system.

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