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Johnny Manziel (Cleveland): The Manziel hype machine is far busier than Tebowmania could ever hope to muster and it is not going to quiet any time soon. It is too early to say when he will assume the starting QB position but it is hard not to envision it happening sooner than later. I would like his potential numbers much better if Josh Gordon had an ounce of common sense.

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Here in Colorado Springs, few of my classmates had even heard about COVID 19. News. Most of my American teachers and peers were slowly learning about COVID 19 and its impact. The second reason is the perceived notion that MLB organizations don't need so many lower levels in the minor leagues. Teams have development camps in the Dominican Republic and at their minor league complexes. From there, there are currently six more levels advance rookie, short season, Class A, advanced A, Double A and Triple A..

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