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Think everybody is wanting to make the graduations as normal as can be given the current circumstances, KONY morning show co host Carl Lamar said. Certainly going to be a unique celebration for graduates during the COVID 19 pandemic, something they remember for the rest of their lives and be able to tell their kids and grandkids. It just a small way to try and allow them to have some sense of normalcy.

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When they finally wake up, two hours have passed. At that time, a big smile will come on my face, because I know this will be a fun day for me. You panic and start rushing. An aneurysm occurs when the walls of a blood vessel in this case, the aorta, the largest blood vessel in the body balloon outward, creating a weakness in the vessel wall.In the last year, the aneurysm's rate of growth and size had dramatically increased, which meant surgery was necessary.Dr. Naficy was able to repair the aneurysm "endovascularly," meaning he repaired the aorta from inside the blood vessel without opening the abdomen, using a combination of wires, catheters, and stent grafts through the patient's groin vessels.He knew his patient was sharp a retired engineer who thoroughly researched the procedure and read all the latest medical information he could get his hands on. He had lots of questions before the procedure.What Dr.

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