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Speaking of reputations, Natty Light claims to be the only beer ever launched into outer space. From a Midwestern farm field, a pair of fans released two Natties tethered to a big ass helium balloon. For several hours, their craft rose to the lofty altitude of 90,000 feet, in view of the planet's curvature, before falling back to earth..

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Despite the COVID 19 pandemic, stay at home orders and dine in restrictions, fast casual Mexican restaurant chain Ori'Zaba's just reported record breaking single day sales. Ori'Zaba's marked the largest sales day ever in the history of the company on Cinco de Mayo. On top of that the UAE company added to Comera app local client UI, security, end to end encryption, user registration and overall service management to comply with local strict government regulations.

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I was officially informed Monday afternoon that it was to be my last day on payroll at the paper which has undergone deep cuts in recent months. I wanted to post something on the blog sooner about my fate but I put an update on my Facebook page late this afternoon and have been dealing with dozens and dozens of non stop messages and phone calls (all incredibly supportive) for the last several hours. Nothing like a a series of big, warm cyber hugs and friends cheap jerseys calling from different cities and states and even countries..

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