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Myself and co worker are going to be in Phoenix for a few day of training (actually in some community just outside apparently) the third week of October. While we'll be busy most of the time we'll be there we do have one day and potentially one evening free plus a rental car to get around. Looking for recommendations of must see things we could fit into a relaxed day off whithout consuming all day driving.

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A Firearms Training Academy is opening at 401 Lang Blvd, off of Bedell Road. Defensor, Inc. Is led by David Ditullio Chief Operating Officer. With the caveat that a victory Sunday would have put them only two games out of first place in the underwhelming NFC East, the Redskins' season is dead. They can use these games to find and develop players who could be useful in coming years. On this roster, that means promising young wide receivers and Haskins.

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