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NASCAR suspended its season March 13 with only four of its 36 scheduled races completed. The stock car series, heavily reliant on television money and sponsor payments, has vowed to complete its full schedule. The revised schedule for now stays at tracks within driving distance of Charlotte based race teams and in states that have started reopening..

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Flowers supplied. Bring either fresh or dried greenery, tools and snippers. Accessories permitted. You go play catch. It's a diversion for the day. It'd be pretty much everybody in the neighborhood. The draft telecast will originate wholesale nfl jerseys from Bristol, Connecticut, the home of ESPN, with a limited number of commentators physically in the studio. Trey Wingo, who has helmed ESPN's draft coverage since Chris Berman stepped down in 2017, will host from the studio, but draft regulars like Mel Kiper Jr. And Chris Mortensen will appear remotely from their homes..

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