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"The core model replicates, with amazing accuracy, the play calling and statistical outputs of typical NFL teams," Bower said. ZEUS can also be customized for the offense and defense of a particular NFL team and its opponent. Then, with the capability of performing more than a million game simulations in a matter of seconds, it can assess critical play choices on their relative merits..

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wholesale jerseys Now, he's moved on to his new dream, which is playing professional baseball. A sport he hasn't played since grade school.Honestly I think he's going to suck as a baseball player. I really do. In Philadelphia, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie stood at midfield among a cluster of players who raised their fists during the anthem, including safety Malcolm Jenkins and receiver Torrey Smith, as the anthem played with a large flag unfurled across the field. On the opposite sideline, Giants players and coaches linked arms. For the first time, Damon Harrison, Landon Collins and Olivier Vernon took a knee.. wholesale jerseys

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