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What can I do? We've gotten really far. Women run the world. But we're not getting our value.". Me, I didn have that. He just hung in the air a lot longer than me. Declined to be interviewed for this story. Today's discoveries seem to concentrate in the rare, unexplored environments that push the boundaries of human capability: Deep Sea exploration at depths that would crush the average submarine, Particle Accelerators that reproduce conditions similar to the first milliseconds after the Big Bang, Robot Space Probes that survey our solar system and Earth Orbit Telescopes (such as Hubble) which are finding new features of our universe, unseen by the naked eye, or even our best surface telescopes. This is no doubt an exciting time for people who take part in those research teams research so expensive it must be funded by the government and the big corporations. Today's lone explorer is left with none but known destinations accessible by tourist package and lead by experienced guides they only discovery required by the modern voyager is where to find the spondoolicks for the tour package..

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