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For Jack, he had support. Steven Izenour was an architect and urban theorist who had published Learning from Las Vegas in 1972, a then radical tome in which, for the first time, an academic celebrated the crass symbolism of the Vegas Strip. And in the 1990s, he started bringing students to the Wildwoods, where they would gaze at the motels and neon signs, earnestly pondering which architectural subdivision they might fit into, be it Vroom, Pu Pu Platter or Phony Colonee..

"I've always been a reporter who loves to celebrate with the fans. I don't get bothered by people soaking me in beer, jumping around me or stepping on my foot," Dealtry wrote. "But today, I experienced first hand the impotence so many women feel in the stadium, on the subway, even walking in the street.

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