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Strengths: Moves smoothly and fast. Loose hips and footwork to move around the field. Has the acceleration to flash from backside and close down running lanes. This is key to determining whether or not the planet can support liquid water on its surface. In addition, astronomers have attempted to obtain spectra from around rocky exoplanets to determine if water loss is taking place from its atmosphere, as evidenced by the presence of hydrogen gas. Meanwhile, other studies have attempted to determine the presence of energy sources, since this is also essential to life as we know it..

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RB Derrick Henry has proven to be a top runner and also gets stronger as the game progresses. QB Ryan Tannehill has found a groove, now 8 3 since taking over mid season while averaging 29.6 points per game in those 11 starts. Should Tennessee fall behind early, they will continue to fight, leaving a reasonable backdoor cover possibility.

"It been really cool to be honest because people get to see us in our real environment," Carr said. "People (usually) don get to see coach Gruden telling some of our rookies how much he loves them. They just see clips of him yelling at people. Serena worked hard her freshman year to get a club lacrosse team up and running at Hampshire Regional, which Jacqui and Maura both jumped into that first spring brand new to the game. After a spring of learning some stick skills in a co ed club practicing two days a week, we were then able to join with St. Mary's and Westfield Tech to play a full varsity schedule with these young girls working their butts off to truly learn the rules of the game.

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