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In order to get motivated quickly, you need to make the decision to have a go, set some realistic goals, take risks and be honest with yourself. Be careful to prioritise your goals and don't get caught up in other things that aren't important. Monitor your progress so that you're able to recognise and celebrate your achievements and avoid anyone who is going to be a negative influence.

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GRANTED? Not even close. The numbers tell a grim story of racial disparity. For instance, white poverty is at 7 percent, while 32 percent of African Americans live in poverty the third worst gap for any state in the country. Has reopened campgrounds and transitioned from a stay at home to "safer at home" directive that has eased restrictions on retail businesses while urging residents to limit travel. It has flattened the growth curve of the virus and guaranteed there are enough intensive care beds at hospitals to treat the sick. "But we are not out of the woods," she said.

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