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A matter of fact, just to make sure I had all the facts, I called up Chuck Pagano and asked him, anybody else in our organization tip you off about deflated footballs? and he said, way. Colts have said that the suspicions were fuelled when Colts linebacker D Jackson intercepted a Brady pass and took the ball to the sidelines. That ball turned out to be two pounds per square inch (PSI) lower than the NFL guideline and prompted the NFL to check all the game balls at halftime..

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Cheap Jerseys china Ingram scored on a 1 yard run as Baltimore took a 14 0 lead with 3:54 left in the first quarter. Ingram has eight rushing touchdowns this season. Ravens cornerback Cyrus Jones was designated as inactive. This is truly disturbing to see. To know that a leader of community feels right even posting this.", Indianapolis Colts offensive lineman Javon Patterson said on Twitter."Accountability must come into effect for Hal Marx," said Bobby Sims Jr, a pastor from a nearby city, at a protest over the Mayor's comments covered by WDAM TV.Mr Marx later told The Hattiesburg American that the comments had been misinterpreted."I think that people are so quick to judge the police before they have all the facts," he said."I can't say whether a crime was committed or whether they did anything right or wrong, all I'm saying is don't rush to judgment based on what you see in that video", he told the newspaper.The mayor also reportedly defended his comments on Facebook."The tolerant progressives can't tolerate a simple statement of fact and a request not to rush to judgment," a post made under his name read, according to screenshots taken by NBC affiliate WLBT.The City of Petal acknowledged the mayor's Facebook comments in their own post on Thursday, saying that while they were not representative of their city leaders, the mayor had a right to post them on his personal account."The comments made on Mayor Hal Marx's personal Facebook page are not representative of all of our city leaders. We understand the frustrations his statements have caused", they wrote."Those comments are his personal views and he has the right to share his views on his personal page."The Petal Board of Aldermen held a special meeting on Thursday, voting unanimously to ask for Marx's resignation, The Clarion Ledger reported.However, the mayor who was first elected in 2009, refused, and elected officials in Mississippi can only be removed from office if they've committed felonies Cheap Jerseys china.