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"It was really important to him and to us to say, 'hey, look, you [can] design really beautiful garments but you need to actually understand what these employees do," Dimbiloglu adds. Posen was game. "He actually flew routes, served peanuts, coffee, and food, worked in our small galleys, and even worked as a gate agent and scanned people in at JFK.".

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Kashmir's news coverage has historically been sparse and framed as a border dispute between India and Pakistan. Recent violent escalations in the Valley have led to an increase in its international news coverage, yet many Americans are still unaware of the bloody conflict. Such ignorance further burdens Kashmiris: We aren't able to just worry about our relatives and the future of the Valley but also face isolation with our pain and the task of educating our communities about a tragedy that seems difficult to put into words.

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