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Many books have been written about people being taken up to Heaven, while others had the misfortune of visiting hell! I've read two books; one by the father of a young boy who was four years old when he was taken to Heaven. He had a serious operation and died during the procedure. But somehow it didn't ring true..

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He's been Aaron Rodgers' go to guy. Who is going to step up and be that consistent passing threat he needs?I'm looking forward to seeing this Dallas defence be able to slow down Rodgers. It's going to be tight, but that's the match up I'm looking for.The Cowboys offence are going up against a defensive line which is much improved and likes to get after you in the pass game.

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Children with orthodontics may possibly be able to wear a hockey mouthguard but it is always best to check with the dentist first. They will be able to advise if wearing this device is appropriate for a child with braces or other devices. That is a matter decided on a case by case basis.

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