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The most memorable one being at the TD Garden when Bono was taking requests from the fans in the front row. This was during their "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb" tour. Bono turned to someone in the front row and said "If you want to hear that song, you come up here and play it!" They pulled this bewildered looking guy on stage with them, give him an acoustic guitar and played Rod Steward and Jeff Beck's "People Get Ready ".

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When I finally got to use power equipment to hang doors, I was working with my grandfather who was probably in his early 70s. I was excited I had an electric plane, power drills and all bits I needed to install doors, while my grandfather had all his hand tools to hang doors with. Guess what he could hang a door faster with the hand tools than I could with the power tools.

The first problem was there was not enough color. Many users complained that everything was too gray. To that end, they have taken steps to colorize more of the components that developers will work with. Jasmine is a Chihuahua cross Jack Russell. She is very friendly with other dogs but even friendlier with people. Jasmine protects our older and smaller Chihuahua (Tiny), my Mother and I with her life.

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