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1 Expense outcome You spend your money on 'things' that don't take the money from you, but also, don't make you any money. This type of expenses should be avoided, because the money that you leave here most likely won't ever get back. There's far larger chance that you'll loose money on such financial decisions, in the end..

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Therefore, we will no longer be advising people whether or not to swim based on short term E. Coli tests. Instead, we will provide people with a long term summary of E. Restaurants have been closed to dine in customers since mid March due to the coronavirus outbreak, but outdoor dining can resume on May 20, provided tables are spaced far enough apart. Servers are expected to wear masks and disposable gloves, and diners must wear masks except for when eating and drinking. Tables and chairs will be carefully sanitized between seatings, and restaurants are asked to offer disposable menus, menus printed on a white board or chalkboard, or made available in a digital format..

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