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Fans are asked to bring a new teddy bear or stuffed animal to Saturday's game. When the Everblades score their first goal, fans should toss the teddy bears out onto the ice to celebrate. The teddy bears and stuffed animals will then be collected and distributed to local children's charities across Southwest Florida for the holiday season, including the Golisano Children's Hospital..

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Now we are experiencing the COVID 19 pandemic. The pace of the pandemic is more moderate and will certainly occur over many months. In some states like Maine, the number of cases is modest with around 20 new cases reported each day. Instant Weather Access: We know weather changes quickly and we've improved our app to allow our users to monitor these changes as they happen. The weather section highlights current conditions as well as hourly and daily forecasts. The clean, card based design makes it easy to move through all of the weather information quickly..

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