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The last words he said to Fay at the dinner table were "Eat this. You need it more than I do." She was notoriously skinny. Even while carrying her only child, she barely weighed 100 pounds. So we are playing catch up. In the past the Certificate in Community Volunteering used to count towards the performance table and now the focus is more on academic qualifications."North East schools have had to restructure their curriculum. Year on year we have had high rates of improvement but there's still a gap there."He said schools in the region are excellent at swapping expertise and skills, which bodes well for the future, and is a view shared by Gavin Salvesen Sawh, Executive Principal at Thorp Academy in Ryton.That school saw an improvement in both their A C pass rate and Mr Salvesen Sawh and in their A and A grades.He said: "In my own school at Thorp we have increased the number of A and A grades to above the national average.

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